Poster for Slo Mo Ext
Public Possession Katalog (01)
Ich Sehe Was Was Du Nicht Siehst
Ich Sehe Was Was Du Nicht Siehst — concept book
Wolfgang Haag Rechtsanwälte
AMT — Actors, Models, Talents
Creativ Club Austria
Head In The Clouds at Radio 80000
Poster/Flyer for Rei Uno Werkschau (01)
Untitled Poster
Ristorante T-Shirt Illustration
John Haag is a Munich based graphic designer who works in all fields of visual communication, including web, print and typography. For more information, new projects or collaborations please get in touch.

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Dragon Illustration for Restaurante "Sacred Vulcano" T-Shirt by Public Possession. Together with Public Possession (2019)

Poster/Flyer for Rei Uno Werkschau (01) (2019)

Studio Session at Radio 80000
listen back

Untitled Poster (2019)

Poster for Slo Mo Ext, a leipzig-based bass & clubmusic night at mjut club. (2019)

Public Possession Katalog (01) offers an extended overview of Public Possession’s graphic output, with special focus on the flyer & poster section of the past 5 years. Including text contributions by Gerd Janson and Olaf Nicolai. Together with Public Possession (2018)

You can buy the book here.

Graduation work "Ich Sehe Was Was Du Nicht Siehst". Visual perception becomes the design process by connecting Eye Tracking and code. (2018)

Bachelor-Thesis for "Ich Sehe Was Was Du Nicht Siehst". (2018)

Website & Identity for Wolfgang Haag Rechtsanwälte (2018)

Poster for the exhibition "Tiramisu" by Vienna based painter Max Mucha (2018)

Website & Identity for AMT — Actors, Models, Talents. Together with Studio Es (2017)

Website & Identity for Creativ Club Austria (CCA), the Austrian award for design and advertising. Together with Studio Es (2017)